Our Vision

Innovative Intervention Services' vision is to provide programs designed by families and consultants to target family goals and priorities. Innovative provides strategies to parents to assist with daily family functioning.


Every child will reach their potential through family focused programming. Programming will encourage a child and family to develop the ability to functionally participate within their homes and community settings.

Innovative will support the family to develop skills that enhance their child's ability to reach their full potential and become an integral part of the family and community.  Innovative will encourage collaboration with community services and the necessary consultants to meet program goals.

Consultants will vary according to each child's needs and individualized program. Consultants may be Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), Occupational Therapists (OTs), Physical Therapists (PTs), Behavioral Specialists and/ or Psychologists and Triple P Consultants.



Child and Family Development Coaches work directly with the child and family on a weekly basis.  Coaches offer direct support to families by helping carry out the Specialized Services program goals, under the supervision of consultants (SLP, OT, PT, Psychologist, Behavior Specialist).  Having a coach does not reduce or replace consultants' involvement; rather, it is a collaborative approach that has proven effective for over 14 years of practice.


Listed are some of the benefits of the coach-and-consultant team approach: 

  • families receive consistent weekly support;

  • coaches provide important repeated practice/rehearsal time with the child;

  • coaches can act as a bridge between parents and their consultants, helping them stay connected between visits if necessary;

  • coaches have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share having worked with various consultants and with many families; and

  • coaches can model strategies to parents so that they can gain comfort and confidence in areas of need.

 A well-supported family is one that thrives. 

Core Team

Koreen Wegner, R. SLP

Speech Language Pathologist


Joan Mireault

Triple P Consultant

Staff Coordinator



Michelle Curtis



Occupational Therapist

Our experience with Innovative has been life changing!  Through their coaching style our son has gone from no words to single word utterances to complex sentences, learned to ride a bike, play ball, stopped self injuring, gained social skills and achieved the holy grail of potty training!  Innovative has also given me the tools and knowledge to support and encourage my son in the myriad of challenges that come with raising an autistic child by using his gifts as strengths. We highly recommend Innovative to anyone with a child on the spectrum!


- Melissa